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September 5, 2017

Blue skies, talking ‘bout blue skies, where we are.

Calm seas, nothin’ but calm seas, where we are….

Murder on Lord Nelson has moved to new levels of complexity; the ten remaining delinquents have been given new targets, new murder weapons, and new assassination venues. Becoming a successful serial killer seems to ask for a judicious blend of utter secrecy on the part of the murderer and collective betrayal by the victims’ peers. A betting pool on the ruthless victor has not yet emerged but sweet and kind Fiona, the Cook’s Assistant, appears to be a favorite to win.

Our acting watch leader, Oscar, is stepping up nicely and learning about the nature of authority, complaining subordinates, and keeping track of ship time.

Last night we passed our first vessel on the European side of the Atlantic. It was a purse seine fishing boat. We are a day away from the Azores and, after twelve days at sea, are eager to kiss the earth at Horta. Also wondering how much of a show we will put on for the locals while we wobble along working out our sea legs.

NEWS FLASH:   Fiona is dead! The murder game is wide open.

Best wishes to all

Healthy and Happy Aft Starboard Watch

Linnea, Oscar, Sean, Karen, Ollie, Chris, and Peter

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