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September 9, 2017

Back to sea…..The last of the crew were aboard by 0200 on Saturday morning and by 0930 we were motoring North out of Horta into gentle head winds. Another blue-sky day with temperatures in the mid 20’s. Gorgeous.

Horta has been a great mid-Atlantic break and the crew have taken advantage of perfect weather to explore green and mountainous Fayal. Some have been adventurous, trekking the trails and levantas surrounding the Caldera of the island’s now extinct volcano. Others hired bikes, scooters and cars, took bus tours or just lazed on the beach only five minutes’ walk from the ship. Still others did what sailors have always done and ventured no further than the nearest bar. Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves making memories in different and individual ways and this morning we have a collection of happy, relaxed, tired or hungover crew.

“Happy hour” (cleaning the ship on deck and below) has just ended and the dust and detritus of the land scrubbed away. We now look forward to the next installment of our Atlantic adventure.

Forward port. Chris, David, Frankie, Philippa, George, Arthur, Paul and Jon

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