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September 10, 2017

BULA Everyone..! After spending the night along-side in Suva Harbour, we’re now heading East/South East towards a small isolate (very isolated) group of Islands called the Yagasa Cluster. Most importantly, the food has been fantastic and no-one has been sea sick (yet). Fliss has talked us through some line theory and we have braced the yards a few times for practice. We have gone through all our safety instructions, had a practice drill and talked about the mechanics of sailing an historical ship. The weather is beautiful, slight wind from the East, so we’re still on the motor (doing roughly 8-9 knots). The ocean has a slight swell and is an awesome intense blue colour. The bananas on board are turning a lovely yellow colour slowly; for all to enjoy. We should reach the Bounty Boat Passage early Monday morning to investigate these gorgeous islands, then head North for more adventures..!

Aft Port Phoebe, Carol, David 1, David 2 and Lee

12th September

Ahoy there JST followers! Bula from Fiji! So far there have been many men and women jumped overboard to cool off in the beautiful blue ocean as we made our way to the island of Navutiloma – an uninhabited island with beautiful beaches that we soon took over. Swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and coconut tree climbing followed in the afternoon. Upon returning to the ship, fresh coconuts were provided and sun downers of the famous Engineers Punch was served. Now, as we make our way to the next island, we climb to keep lookout for the local fisherman who offered us freshly caught fish for dinner. Can life really get any harder?!

We really look forward to visiting the next island, where a special delivery of books and equipment for the local villagers is promised.

Signing off for the meantime.. Forward Port watch lead by the fearless Heather, brothers Youki and David, Bridget Jones, Hannah banana in pyjamas, Pam Pam and James the eager sailor.

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