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September 14, 2017

TNS496 – Fiji

BULA VINAKA Everyone..!

We have set off from the small and delightful Island of Komo, where we were anchored overnight and during the day the VC were given the opportunity to go ashore  (a truly stunning boat run in around the island). This involved travelling through the corals and crystal clear waters, avoiding the odd turtle swimming around as we slowly made our way to the villagers that await.

It had been agreed between the locals and Capt Darren that they would lay on “Meke” (traditional entertainment) for all who came ashore. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this experience and many came back with freshly picked coconuts.

We’re now heading North East towards a small Island called Oneata (travelling 2.6 knots). The wind has picked up a bit as they are trade winds blowing 20 knots with 1-2 meter swell. The sun is shining and it’s a sunny/partly cloudy day.

The main and fore upper and lower topsails are set, as well as the main staysail with the wind on our starboard side. Fliss gave us a sail theory lesson today, so everyone is learning lots about wind and sailing mechanics, which is great. We’re hoping to have a swim later today once we reach our destination and go ashore.

The South East Pacific water is still an intense aqua-marine colour, it’s simply gorgeous. We haven’t sighted any common dolphins or whales yet, still hoping some come and say hello.

By for now! The Port Aft Watch, Phoebe, David 1, David 2, Carol, Jules, Kate & Lee x

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