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September 2, 2017

Having survived a pukey start to the voyage, things have started to turn pretty bizarre on the Tenacious over the past 24 hours. The weather’s being amazingly kind to us (touch wood). The initial wild winds and rain we had the first couple of days was truly character building, but we’re definitely relishing in the increasingly tropical weather (most of us anyway, perhaps not our Scottish cadet on board who’s cowering in the shade!). Over 800 miles from Auckland it’s surreal to be so far offshore and away from land.

We’ve just crossed the Tropic of Capricorn which has brought to us new and exciting wildlife. We’ve been having flying fish land on the deck, a sure sign of the tropical waters and yesterday I was blown away with my first ever sighting of whales! We had a pod of sperm whales on both sides of the ship as we were on watch, it was absolutely unreal to be able to share this little piece of the ocean with such magnificent creatures.

It’s an awesome feeling of camaraderie and bonding that’s unfurling amongst the crew on board. As we journey further into the Pacific towards the Fiji Islands (SO exciting!!) it’s awesome seeing the characters unveil themselves and bonding of the crew grow and blossom. Amidst the loveliness, like I said, things have got a bit ridiculous. Today has seen a few murders and a failed murder! It’s so much fun to be playing a massive game of murder mystery in the middle of the pacific… watch your back though, you can’t trust anyone and it could be you their going to be getting next! Who will be the last one standing?!

For now though, I’m just going to soak up this beautiful sunshine with the sails trying to power us forward on this fine afternoon watch I’m on with my brilliant Forward Port watch team.


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