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September 4, 2017


The great weather continued right up until the majestic pink sunset as people prepared for the fish/goat dinner parade (we crossed the tropic of Capricorn today) followed by their after hours watches. Many laughs were had and lots of chocolate consumed through the watch 2000 – 2359 (burning off the calories with a few exercises). As morning broke Gary the boobie bird dropped by for his seemingly daily visit. The sailors rejoiced. Although the sun didn’t break through the clouds, the majority of the crew ignited their adrenaline and jumped into the stunning deep blue water! For Hands to Bathe. This was rewarding for all. A slightly rushed exit from the water was advised as Bruce the white tipped oceanic shark entered the scene. Bruce circled the Ship for a number of minutes admiring the great beauty of the mighty Tenacious tall ship owned by the amazing JUBILEE SAILING TRUST.

Once everyone had gratefully welcomed Smoko, Carrot cake is always a firm favourite, an inspiring talk was held by the one and only Mike. With courage, bravery and a special humbleness he shared his story with admiration and many questions from the crowd. Lunch was devoured soon after with the beginning of quiet time dawning on us. Several sailors were spotted yawning at the lunch including aft starboards muscle man Jake. Unfortunately Jake was forced to skip quiet time with an oncoming watch. A full night of sleep will be greatly appreciated though after he serves his duties in the galley. With quiet time in full swing, some crew remained aloft to enjoy the tranquility of the atmosphere and ocean. We; the Ship and its crew are at peace, settled into a routine at sea but as ever looking forward to our next run ashore in Fiji tomorrow.

That’s all folks! From Aft STBD Watch.

Lee, Frankie, Jake, Wendy, Pat, Hannah and Phil.


A Te Arawa prayer on an Ocean Voyage

Kia hara te marino

May peace be widespread

Kia whakapapa pounamu te Moana

May the sea be like greenstone

Hei huarahi ma tatou I te rangi nei

A pathway for us all this day

Aroha atu, aroha mai

Give Love, receive love

Just before our arrival in Fiji the entire ship was treated to a surprise swim in the beautiful blue sea, fast forward 24 hours and we are now in Fiji waters. We are in search of an island to anchor for the night and are hoping to go ashore tomorrow. We can’t wait to meet some locals and have a few drinks by the beach side, perhaps kava perhaps not. Captain Darren’s description of it being like old sock washing water and that it numbs your face doesn’t exactly make it sound appealing. All customs, practice and immigration procedures were smoothly dealt with in island style at Suva ..which fortunately we found despite all lighthouses being in no lights on and no one home mode for the night approach .

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