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November 14, 2017

An excited crew joined us in Southampton as we ended a busy few days of maintenance, but a spritely fresh looking Nellie greeted them on arrival. Having joined the crew were soon put through the mandatory briefs, delivered by the very efficient Leslie the Mate. It was decided to stay alongside our first night and allow those that wished an opportunity to look around the bright lights of Southampton one last time before setting off. The morning or departure was soon upon us and Captain Chris decided that with the forecast the best decision would be to motor down to Falmouth and drop anchor and seek some shelter for what was predicted to be a heavy blow coming through.

The morning soon proved the decision to be a wise one as the blow was in full force by now, however a further night at anchor was required as the blows were forecast to be somewhat stronger and due to stay for the day. Not to be beaten the VC were kept busy with talks on Sail setting, and Know tying from the BM’s, in amongst the other rigours of happy hour and getting to know the routine of the ship in wet and blustery conditions. Captain Chris held a service of Remembrance, which had an amazing turn out from ALL crew aboard to show our respects for our Armed Forces both past and present. Our Leadership at sea contingent kept us all amused that evening with a quiz which the PC & Volunteers won (a higher level of knowledge or perhaps some insight!!!)

The next day the VC awoke to a slightly less than perfect day but we had to make our way across the channel and head for the dreaded….Bay of Biscay!!!, it was a little challenging for some but soon they were all feeling well enough to fully appreciate the swells that Nellie was getting….some even making her heal over 40 Degrees (much to Cookie Simons delight).

Day 6 now brings us a beautiful day as we are now officially in the Bay, the sails are set and we bob around gently at a mere 3Kn. Spirits are high aboard as the sightings of Dolphins have started and not an upset stomach in sight, the sailing is short lived as the wind has now dropped and we have to hand sail and motor again for a lull in winds, Rory the 2nd mate now has his turn to impart his knowledge of the VC teaching them a little about the weather.

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