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November 14, 2017

Following the night of being under engines with no wind, conditions remained calm for the crew to enjoy what seemed to be a strange tranquil Bay of Biscay after a stunning meal cooked by Simon…and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The watches settled in  for the night routine which was a moonless night allowing the bright stars to be on full display allowing us to look for new constellations, for us Australians this proved to be difficult identifying them as there were so many we did not recognise being in the northern hemisphere. This morning much to our delight the wind had picked up to a “sailable breeze” according to Capt Chris, all hands were called to set square sails on both the Fore & Main mast, as well we set the Spanker and staysails. In a steady breeze Nellie took full advantage of the fine sailing conditions and we make our way ever closer to our first destination at a mighty 8kn. The occasional Whale sighting and opportunities for the crew to go aloft to enjoy the sunny conditions keeps morale at a constant high.

Signing off for now

Robin, Charlie, Harry, Sean, Ken, Alex & Ian

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