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November 18, 2017

Forward Port watch reported to the bridge of the magnificent SV Tenacious
for the afternoon watch, on course in splendid weather heading from Portsea
to anchor off Altona for our final night. Portsea the Forward Port Watch
platypus made a dazzling public appearance just before lunch and officially
joined the watch. ‘Portsea’ was found stranded at the Quarantine Station
during yesterdays shore leave – hence the name Portsea. We guess he ventured
too far off course from the Yarra River. In less than a day onboard he has
managed to blend in easily with voyage and permanent crew alike.
At 13:15 the crew were on standby for some bracing and sail setting.
Forecourse, Lower & Upper Topsail, Outer & Inner Jibs, Main Lower & Upper
Topsails up and now heading under sail at a speed of 3.8 knots towards
Altona for the night.

Being the 500th voyage for Tenacious, voyage crew will be joined in the
lower mess for a celebratory dinner by the permanent crew. Ian has been flat
out in the Galley with the rostered messmen and Claire preparing for the

So, Kerrie (WL), Carolyn, Tery, Pamela, Bob, John, Marie and Portsea signing
off as the end of our last daylight watch draws closer.

We’d like to thank Jubilee Sailing Trust for an incredible sailing adventure
down the East coast of Australia from Sydney to Melbourne. We wish fairwinds
for Tenacious’s return to the Northern hemisphere in the coming months (with
Portsea as a stowaway)…….

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