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December 15, 2017

The patchy grey skies to which we awoke this morning have by now cleared to a pastel blue punctuated by fat white puffs of cloud. The more extreme weather has been skirting us for the last few days, the occasional storm enveloping us only briefly on its journey further onward (a rewarding experience in itself when standing watch amidst the tempest).

At the moment we hold a gentle roll on rich azure waters. The breeze today is light and pleasant – helpful for the spirit if not so much for the act of sailing. In response we’ve handed a few square sails and set stays, making our way under motor at a speedy 7-8 knots. Some of the crew has taken to music to fill the hours on and between watches, and at various times from above and below deck can be heard the strains of guitar, recorder and ukulele.

Dolphins have been abundant on this journey, with a third (or fourth) sighting enthusiastically announced over loudspeaker earlier today. I’m not sure what they might be hunting – aside from dolphins we’ve yet to see a single fish. All in all, we’re making good time in good weather and good company – not too shabby a way to spend a summer’s afternoon.


The Aft Starboard Watch: Ray, Leslie, Tom, Marcia, Alistair, Inigo and Clayton.

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