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January 20, 2018

After a lumpy night, I rose at 05.30 hoping to catch a spectacular sunrise. It was a pretty, peachy sky today but clouds low on the horizon obscured the sun until it was quite a way up in the sky. No ships have been sighted for 3 days now. Breakfast was a boiled egg, bacon and tomato

After breakfast we were launched into a mission of cleaning the ship, this operation illustrates perfectly why Britannia rules the waves. Jobs teams were appointed, rubber gloved donned and colour coded cloths allocated to each task. In a flash the whole ship is spotless; all traces of last night’s dinner removed from the walls and ceilings, and disposed of.

As the work finished early the conversation inevitably turned to the contents of the previous evening’s dessert, described by the chef as the “nellies” answer to Eton Mess! It was brown with some white sauce needless to say it was described as all kinds of men besides Etonians and caused much hilarity among the voyage crew (it was chocolate, biscuits and meringue!).

Some crew have interesting ways to keep themselves occupied during quiet times. Mr Sextant has been plotting our course since we left Gran Canaria using the sun and stars and a clever bit of software on his phone. He kindly allowed me to hold his sextant and I identified our position to within 20 miles or so. If I was sailing to a planned destination I would hopefully reach it at this level of accuracy (provided it was a reasonably large destination).

So that was good for my ego and re-enforces my belief that sailing is in my blood even though I have never set foot on a ship before last weekend.

I shall tear myself away from this message to make preparations for the all-important egg throwing competition organised by the captain. There are points for the entertainment value, contribution to scientific knowledge and conveyance of egg unbroken from main mast to deck.

Over and Out


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