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January 30, 2018

LN940 – day 6

We arrived on the west side of Brava at first light to investigate; the most sheltered anchorage so far. The chart showed no depths so the Doti boat did a quick survey with a hand held echo sounder. We were soon anchored with both anchors out.

The village with road access is 600ft up a very steep path. The Doti boat took boat many of the crew to the steep shingle beach. Ted BM was the only one to fall in when getting out of the boat on the beach.

The first voyage crew up to the top found minibuses. Then as more and more made it to the top, the minibus driver rang his boss who rang immigration and the
police. Captain Richard was told that he had to take the ship round to the tiny port to register landing. Apparently each island needs its own clearance despite having been cleared on entry to the Cape Verdes.

The permanent crew and few voyage crew who went back down the hill to the beach had to weigh anchor. The starboard anchor had a large rock in its flukes causing a delay, trying to shake it loose. The ship then battled the winds to get round Brava to enter the tiny harbour and retrieve our crew.

Stuart Kirkman, Forward Port watch

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