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January 24, 2018

Our last meal ashore didn’t happen because we had to cast off again in a couple of hours later to make room for a tanker to come alongside. In the interval we were mesmerised by the stevedores technique involving simultaneously unloading from the bow and loading at the stern all on the same side – inducing a remarkable list in the cargo/ ferry astern of us. We dropped anchor outside the harbour, our last night meal ashore then came to us on the DOTI boat. It was a choice of delicious fish or spicy chicken with rice and chips. It arrived on board still warm. Yesterday we enjoyed a full day anchored of Boa Vista. Lovely sandy beach, tepid water and reasonable restaurants. But if you don’t stay in an all-inclusive hotel, expect a rustic and authentic atmosphere in the town. The previous evening we had anchored with the port and starboard anchors, and then it was “hands to bathing stations.” Some jumping or diving of the ship others swinging. So we have covered 955 miles on this voyage and when we got to Sal 98% was under sail with no engines. Tomorrow it is a general wake up at 06.00 before weighing anchor and moving onto our berth. We are grateful to the permanent crew deck officers for manning the anchor watches overnight. All round an excellent trip.

The four watch leaders Mel, Philip, Jim and Alan

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