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January 26, 2018

Surprisingly for this bleak distant island of Sal, everyone arrived on time for embarkation yesterday by 17.00 we were all on board. Some had arrived a day or 2 early to take in some local sights. It really is an arid barren island with small pockets of habitation – villages with colourful houses that can be explored in a couple of minutes. As with most JST voyages, the crew seemed to gravitate to the best watering holes in town with delicious barbecued fish straight of the pier. After the usual briefings, we were informed that we would be making an early departure this morning, as the winds pick up by 09.00, making it very difficult to leave the berth after that time. After a delicious supper of fresh fish bought locally, most chose to stay on board for a quiet night in the bar, or retired to bed to catch up on lost sleep due to early starts to get here. We tumbled out of our bunks at 06.30, ready for action, we were then allocated our tasks for leaving the berth, and after being instructed what to do, fought our way against the wind and successfully left our berth in Palmieri. We soon hit large swells and the first green faces appeared. With the assurance that the rolling will get better once we set sail. We then went to our bracing stations to practice bracing before doing it for real. We now have 3 square sails set on the foremast and 2 on the main, plus some fore and aft sails, we are sailing at 7-8 knots with the wind on the beam. The rolling hasn’t stopped, so drinks are being spilt liberally and many had their lunch up on deck, one of the messman did a perfect toss and catch of a plateful of kedgeree when the ship rolled whilst she was serving lunch. A few more have succumbed to mal de mere. Still where would you rather be? Under blue skies at 24 degrees temperature and wind blowing through your hair or in the cold, wet weather back home.

Aft Port watch. Kumi, Terry, Barbara, Lizzy, Dave, Smiffy, John, Judy under the watchful eye of

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