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January 30, 2018

Day 2 – Friday 26th Jan.

We were off the quay by 09.00 straight into the trade winds and cross swells, which made for an interesting sail setting. A baptism of fire for lots of voyage crew as Lord Nelson rolled along day and night heading west under sail.

Day 3- Saturday 27 th Jan 18.

We anchored of Porto Novo on the island of Santo Antao before breakfast. We then went ashore by using the ships DOTI boats, to get us to the harbour wall. Most of the voyage crew did a minibus trip across the mountains, which rises to 2,000m above sea, and then back around the coast. Fantastic scenery. We weighed anchor by 16.00 and had a quick motor sail across ‘canal de Sao Vincente’ to Mindelo harbour on Sao Vincente. This is the main town on the island. There was shore leave for those who still have the energy.

Day 4 – Sunday 28th Jan 18

In the morning we did all the mast climbs, for those who went up under their steam and those who required some assistance. Shore leave was offered in this relatively modern town with bars, eateries, marina and nice beach. Most of the crew ate ashore with mainly good reports.

Day 5 – Monday 29th Jan 18

We were off the harbour wall by 09.00 lots if sail setting followed in the customary for this area force 5 winds , but with less swell running. Great sailing south toward the island of Brava which will be the most southerly part of our Voyage. We also dropped over the side the other meteorological buoy which we were carrying on board for the met office. This was after we had all signed it.

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