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February 1, 2018

Weds 31st January, Day 7

There was an early start and after breakfast and completing the official forms, we crossed the channel to Sao Filipe on Fogo Island.

The wind acceleration zone between the islands gave us gusts well into the high-forties at times. Having got a berth, all the voyage crew set off in 3 minibuses to
investigate the caldera of the volcano which last erupted in 2014. This turned out to be the most fantastic trip.

The ‘road’ goes 1700M high into the caldera itself which is 8KM across. The surrounding cliffs rise a further 1000M. A weird and wonderful place.

Thursday 1st February, Day 8

We are making our way east in force 7 winds, towards the island of Santiago. We’re planning to use the lee of the island to head north in a bit more comfortable sea. But the plan is developing as we go.

Stuart Kirkman Forward Port watch

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