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February 24, 2018

Bye bye Azores!

The big blow Darren had feared is going to happen! All the voyage crew were summoned to a meeting and Darren explained that we no longer can go to the Azores due to the weather conditions, instead we have now changed course and are heading to the Canaries. He also reassured us that the JST would assist in helping crew to rearrange flights et cetera. For George and I, the family and Gabby have already booked flights to the Azores so we will have to arrange to fly from the Canaries to the Azores and instead of the greeting us off the boat they will have to meet us at the airport! Having changed course, the nasty weather is behind us so that should help to waft us fairly quickly to our destination.

Been on mess duty since yesterday afternoon and while sitting in the upper mess this morning was charming as I was being murdered by Amy! I had been making plans to murder Cynthia with the tube of Colgate toothpaste at the mainmast but now I’m relieved of this as I am no longer in the game, thank the lord!

Yesterday afternoon, I was asked by Pete the watch leader if I wanted to give a talk on technology for the Blind past, present and future. In half an hour I managed to cover this topic and people on the whole said they enjoyed and learned a lot from it. I was able to trot out one or two of the old stories, brushing my teeth with athletes foot cream, losing my rag and thrashing a bus stop with my long cane and the crocodile of blind and partially sighted people crashing into post in the dark in Torquay. People were intrigued by the Brainport 100 tongue tickler and the scene through sound development. Darren, the captain is open to suggestions about how to use technology blind and partially sighted to improve their experience on the JST voyages.

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