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February 24, 2018

Good news! We are currently cruising along nicely, with a good breeze off our port quarter – enabling us to gain a speed of roughly 8 knots. The sun is shining, we are full of warm soup and bread and the swell has calmed to a more comfortable height.

Bad news! We are heading straight towards the Canary Islands. Just before lunch today, Captain Darren called a meeting in the lower mess to discuss our current position and plan for the rest of our voyage. He confirmed that the weather is not in our favour. A deep area of low pressure is between us and the Azores and there are more lows nearby. The low has a barometric pressure of 976, causing strong winds and big uncomfortable swell. To avoid this weather we have altered course to the Canaries and should arrive there within 4 – 5 days. At least this will allow us to put an end to the teabag shortage on board while we explore the Islands for a few days.

Emma J.
Aft Port Watch

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