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February 26, 2018

Came off watch at midnight after the winds have calmed and Doris the speaking compass firing off
wide apart compass headings causing much frantic helm movements! The next morning we had some yummy breakfast of boiled eggs and sausages which was delicious!

Spent a great deal of time trying to catch up on fractured sleep. Could be my sleep patterns are highly disjointed as I get older. Really us infants are in a giant cradle, 170 feet long by about 30 feet wide! The un-gentle hand of nanny Nellie just cannot seem to lull her babes to sleep! Due to the rocking of Nellie, watch leader Pete went down to check on the score of de-bunked bodies. He came back with the score at two men and one woman!

Watch leader Pete, by his own admission, rubbish at helming, keeps a loose but safe grip on the tiller. I mean by this he trusts us to do our jobs but doesn’t have two play the chief petty officer! There is much hilarity at a decibel level to top the howling wind from George and Charlie. I have great chats with Rachel and Amy. Amy gives me a masterclass in how the sails in this tall ship work while Rachel explains her peculiar take on the murder game. She approaches up to 5 people only one of whom is her nominated victim. She then invites each person in turn to come with her to the murder place and be murdered! She describes this to the person as“Risk it or biscuit”, so if you risk it and you are not her murder victim you get a biscuit but if you are, you‘re murdered! Our watch is missing Tina who sadly has been incapacitated for most of the voyage so far. She has not been able to shake off her seasickness and longs for dry land and to stand on something that is not rocking and rolling under her.

The day is now tailing off and after a hearty supper I repair to the bar for some red wine and then hit the bunk for some shuteye before the call for our watch from midnight to 4 AM.

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