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February 7, 2018


We eventually all arrived on the ship berthed in the island of Sal, after long flights from Manchester, Gatwick and people changing in Lisbon!

On the 5th after all checks and training in the morning, we finally departed mid- afternoon to head towards Mindelo on St. Vincente. When we left we were straight into a moderate swell, and the octopus disappeared and reappeared from our favourite pseudo- captain Stu.

Dinner appeared and in some cases reappeared, due to the swell and motion of the ship, as we battled with the swell and winds. The fore and afters, topsails and fore course sails were set and the engines turned off.

We had 2 nights ashore in Mindelo, one night we met a Flying Dutchman, named Ivar, oh how the girls swooned and made comments. The kite surfer made an impression on all who met him particularly Laura who giggled in delight.
The majority of voyage crew went on a bus tour of the island where, dogs cats and goats made a very special appearance on “the Grand Tour” hosted by David, C, David P-J and Fran as Jeremy, James May and Richard. A 3- course meal with coffee was had and a low flying aircraft made a show as well as our guest star in a reasonably priced car the Saharan sand.

Some not on the bus tour chose an alternative method of travel. A Swede, a Dane and yet another Irishman decided that quad bikes were for them. They left after happy hour and weren’t seen again ‘til much later.

A birthday was celebrated that day on land after a Stella Cinderella show during breakfast. The birthday girl dried pots, and chipped 3 nails peeling potatoes. Yet songs and serenades followed.

Natasha Smith and David Parry-Jones

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