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February 8, 2018

Wind to Whales AS

Following a fantastic day in Mindalo, we were awaken as the engines were turned on at 6am this morning. Although Vinny’s watch were woken up at 5am to help with unmooring the ship. As we headed off towards St. Nicolau, we had an amazing motor sail experiencing; winds in excess of 40 knots, and the old girl herself even reached the speeds of 8 knots.

As we have to conserve water, it was good that we soaked many of the crew with waves and spray breaking over the foredeck and even catching those not paying attention at smoko corner. Some members of the crew have allegedly been seeing 1) a Kraken; 2) 3 mermaids, and 3) an occasional giant sea serpent. The rest of the crew were happy enough to witness whales, dolphins and being excited to discover the pilot whales at anchorage. One of them broke the surface with a little blowing and showed off their fins and half a black back. As we write this the crew are celebrating at the bar. Because we are at an unknown anchorage with gusting winds, the permanent crew decided to take the anchor watch tonight and let us relax.

We’ve also discovered during our time that Cape Verde is not that Verde. Unless “Verde” means brown, barren and dusty – it has probably had been marketed by the same people who brought us Greenland. We have heard that these islands have not had rain since July, so that might explain some of the discrepancy between the name and reality.

To be fair, the volcanic landscape is majestic as we were taking so many pictures sailing around the Western corner of Sao Vincente to head further East to Sao Nicolau. It was also astonishing to think that the harbour where we spent the night at Mindelo is a caldera of a huge volcano and the island itself is the product of the giant eruption or three.

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