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February 10, 2018

Here we are on day 32 in the big brother boat and this is what most of us hoped we were signing up for! Sailing along in 30 knots of wind with the most spectacular swell, but it is all behind us and it’s pushing us along in the right direction with the ship touching 12.2 knots for short periods.

The good news is this weather is expected to keep pushing us along for the next couple of days. The Southern ocean looks quite spectacular as the tops of waves are blown away, the wind roars through the rigging and waves come through the scuppers – usually when we have just flaked the braces out ready for one of  3rd Mate Wes’s “little tweaks” just to get that extra half knot of out of her.

Considering we are at 53 degrees south, it is not even that cold at this time in the afternoon. The only people not enjoying these exhilarating conditions are those in the galley and those trying to eat meals!

When we left Auckland we were 13 hrs ahead of UTC but we went back a day when we crossed the date line after a few days and we were suddenly 11 hrs behind you, but we are catching up one hour every 15 degrees of longitude, which is approximately every 4 days, and now we’re only 7 hours behind everyone back in the UK and should only be 3 hrs behind by the time we arrive in the Falkland Islands.

Finally, our game of murder is drawing to its climax as Sally, the last surviving member of Forward Port watch, was killed in the foc’s’le whilst cleaning during happy hour. Only a handful of people left now but it has been good fun and a test of our imagination to get our unsuspecting victims into specific places with set murder weapons! I think the permanent crew are glad when the game comes to an end as the voyage crew stop being so suspicious when they are asked to carry out a task.

After a great afternoon of sailing, it is now time to sign off just as the sun comes out to cap things off.

Kate, Jane, Sally, Chris x 3, Peter, Paul & Ton

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