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February 11, 2018

206 miles noon to noon.  Go Tenacious!

Westerlies at 30 knots+ with 5 square sails set. The sun came out at 13.25 today, there were stars in the sky at 22-24.00, but mostly cloudy.

The sea-monster who is after Charlie caught him in a big wave on the weather deck thigh-deep and there is video evidence from Paul. Aquatic theme continued when the 2nd mate sat down with a mug of tea just as we plunged into a trough, and the tea flew around the upper mess. Fortunately not hot tea, and Frankie was wearing waterproof trousers just in case.

We had sad news yesterday that the porridge had run out, so the early birds (bird’s the word) filled up on cereal before it was revealed that the cook had magicked up some spare porridge. Mutiny might otherwise have ensued.

Charlie rang the bell while on the helm last night, but we don’t mention it. Frank and Rosemary would like to emphasis the lovely temperature of 9 degrees this afternoon,  and Roy enjoyed the stars during last night’s watch as we pointed out the Southern Cross to the northerners. Frankie is rueing the seasick steriliser in the galley, Ted and Louise are recovering from spending 7+ hours on the main upper topsail yard while the sail was replaced, and Jay did a commendable effort in the laundry yesterday as we all have clean clothes.

John would like to mention that the surest way to keep the rain away is to send the entire watch below to don their oilies.  We will not get wet!

Love to all reading this blog as we continue our venture across the ocean.  From Aft Starboard Watch (Frankie, Rosemary, Louise, Ted, Roy, Jay, Frank, John and Charlie).

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