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February 12, 2018

It’s Monday afternoon and we’ve moved yet another hour closer to UTC / GMT, so we’re only 6 hours behind the UK, with 3 more clock changes to go before we reach the Falklands. Another milestone reached today, that of having sailed over 4000 nm since leaving Auckland – which seems so long ago now.

After a wet and fairly miserable start to the day, we are now under mainly blue skies, although we’ve just been overtaken by a squall – when the wind increased by almost 10knts in under a minute. We handed (took in) the very top sail on the main mast (the Royal) in double quick time and then squared the main yards to get a better angle to the wind and therefore increase our speed. It’s all about getting the most out of every wind shift as we can feel the need to get to both Cape Horn and the Falklands as soon as possible.

As the weather is so kind to us today, there are a number of volunteer climbers up the main mast to get yet more photos of this stunning area and some BMs are working on the ripped course sail – let’s hope they can fix it today so that we can use the sail soon and get even more speed.

The ‘When will we pass south of Cape Horn’ sweepstake has its first date tomorrow, but no-one who chose that date is expecting to win! There are lots of bets on the 17th / 18th / 19th days and a few for even later. We’ll have to wait and see who gets closest later on.

That’s about it from a really beautiful Southern Ocean today. We wish you all the very best wherever you are in the world.

Aft Port:- Mike T, Mike H, Peter T, Peter H, Stretch, Phil, Fran, Maggie and John.

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