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February 13, 2018

Day 24

We smashed the thousand mile barrier this afternoon; it took two crew members struggling and wrestling with the ships wheel to crash through the line, marking the momentous moment of crossing the thousand nautical mile mark to Cape Horn. Much cheering and great hurrah occurred on deck, as quiet time below meant only Starboard Forward and Charlie celebrated under sunny blue skies.

Last evening we thrilled to a glorious night sky, entertained by a myriad of stars, a scattering of planets performing pirouettes across the sky, chased by satellites and one lonely plane.

In the wee small hours of the dawn, a coiling fairy wearing green and gold satin pyjamas sashayed onto deck, seductively whispering in the officer of the watch’s ear of an overflowing head in the port fo’c’sle. Tinkerbell then waded away from whence she had appeared. It caused us some little consternation this morning when we realised that Jeff had disappeared upwards to practise his darning on the Main Course (that’s one of the sails) and wondered what that said about our company. Rest assured, we are all having a wonderful time and are appreciating every moment.

Laurie, Tim, Ryan, Chris, Ruth, Tink, Eamonn, Jeff, John and Catherine

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