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February 14, 2018

So here we are enjoying a day of great celebration, 14th February, in the middle of a southern ocean gale. Due to weather conditions the celebration of Ash Wednesday has been personal and reflective.

The postal service in these parts of the world is somewhat limited, so the celebration of Valentine’s Day has relied on the email system, but many have managed welcome contact with loved-ones at home. The main celebration has been that of (Medical Purser) Alan’s birthday. A rousing (if slightly discordant) chorus of Happy Birthday To You greeted Alan’s appearance at morning ‘Smoko’, for which Ian had managed to produce the traditional cake (despite needing a number of attempts to get cake mix into the oven).

Rumours that Alan would announce his retirement with immediate effect now he has hit 60 proved ungrounded – just as well as for all of us, as the amount of work he does with his quiet efficiency, keeping us all safe and tidy, cannot be over stated.

On the sailing side we are making good progress towards South America with the wind now on the beam. It is reasonably warm, the sea state is entertaining and there is some precipitation around to wash the salt spray off the chart house windows. All in all another great day in sailor’s paradise.

Forward Port (Kate, Sally, Jane, Peter, Paul, Tony, Chris x 3).

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