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February 19, 2018

This first entry is being written by forward port watch in the wee small hours of the 19th as we missed our usual afternoon slot due to a lot of sail handling.

Progress has been slow over the past 24 hours and we needed the iron topsails (engines) for about 10 hours, but the westerly wind has picked up in the last few hours and we are now only 60 miles from the Chilean coast and 230 miles from Cape Horn. Most of our votes in the sweepstake for guessing the time of passing due south of the Cape Horn lighthouse have been and gone, and it is now looking more doubtful as to whether we can accept the Governor of the Falklands kind invitation to lunch on the 23rd.

Last night was the long awaited quiz night which was great fun and eventually won by the forward starboard watch in a close fought match. We were on watch and so working at a disadvantage, but did not come last!

Tonight is a gloriously starry night and the space station has just passed overhead – the nearest people to our ship, only 28 miles away! It is now 28 days since we last saw a ship. We are managing over 7 knots under sail alone and it is a balmy 8C, so all is well.

Kate, Sally, Jane, Chris x 3, Peter, Paul and Tony


Tally ho! Chaperinoes….from near the land of fires(Tierra del Fuego). We are approximately 55 miles from the south American landmass on a track to pass betwixt Islas Diego Ramierez and Islas Ildefonso.

Currently underway at around 7 knots with almost a full press of sail, minus course and  main staysail.  A few midshipmen have been taking star sights under instruction from captain (retired) Roy Swan, and have deduced that the GPS system is around 20 miles off. Crew have been well fed with the addition of birthday cake due to the ship’s doctor’s (Catherine) birthday, Huzzah !!!

Crew have been beset with the ‘Channels’ as we approach the end of our expedition, with a jolly few this morn turning out on deck to set sail. Also an opportunity for a voyage Able seawoman to go aloft and tweak the fore-course buntlines. Ahead we are looking forward our last few days at sea and also to the hospitality of the natives within the Falkand Islands. baaaaa!!!!! Hola mi famila todos esta bien.

Aft starboard Powder monkey Edward Edwards xo  

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