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February 20, 2018


Well, after 30 days at sea, we have all passed from the Pacific to the Atlantic by way of Cape Horn. It happened at 15:00 hrs (ship’s time) today, 20th February 2018, a date that will live long in the memories of all the crew, whether permanent, volunteers or voyage. For all but a very few, this was the first time around the Cape, and for some of those who have been here before it’s the first time under sail.

The rounding was celebrated in true JST style with a mast climb in swimwear – including a ‘coconut bra’ for one of the lads! We also spotted 2 lesser-climbing personnel going up the mast, who turned out to be Cookie and Medic. The whole lot was rounded off by an outbreak of Caribbean shirts sported by the Deck Officers as well as Bosun and a lot of his Mates, both official and unofficial.

At 15:25 all of the crew mustered on the bridge for the Voyage photo and Watch photos to be taken, all with The Cape in the background (we hope).

Now to the future…. Falkland Islands here we come, but we’ll leave others to tell you all about it when it happens.

Take care, everyone and those abandoning ship in the Falklands will see you soon.

Aft Port watch – Mike T, Mike H, Stretch, Peter T, Peter H, Fran, Maggie, John and Phil.  `

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