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February 22, 2018

Our final day at sea dawned to beautiful sunshine and wind speeding us in the right direction towards the Falkland Islands. The end of any voyage brings mixed feelings of sadness that it is coming to an end, anticipation of what is to come next, happiness at new friends made and the huge sense of achievement after such a momentous voyage as this one.

An email from Andy Bristow of the International Association of Cape Horners summed up the feelings of many, “As you will know only too well, no voyage culminating in such a symbolic milestone will have been without its highs and lows, challenges and problems. It is the mutual respect borne of a shared understanding of those perils, uncertainties and rigours that you and the crew will have endured that binds us together as a community of friends, shipmates and comrades….Please pass on our heartiest congratulations and the admiration of your peers to all on board; conveyed on behalf of all those who have previously had the privilege to witness the humbling experience of discovering the full power of the elements, and the magnificence of being propelled through the world’s most remote oceans under the propulsion of sail.”

Farewell and best wishes from the South Atlantic from Forward Port- Sally, Tony, Peter, Paul, Jane, Chris S, Chris H, Chris R, Kate and all on board Tenacious


Ultimate voyage reflections from Forward Starboard:

Awesome unforgettable privilege

Wind not cooperating

Crashing head-on waves

Bonding hilarity adversity

Coconuts tweaking grindy-pepper

Ruth wins sweepstake

Opportunity tolerance baggywrinkle

Awesome natural world

Bucket list ticked

Worth every penny

With lots of love from Laurie, John, Catherine, Chris, Tink, Ruth, Tim, Eamonn, Jeff and Ryan

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