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February 3, 2018

Hello from the awesome (and slightly pink hued) Aft Starboard watch.  The red-handed (red-clothed?) culprit is yet to be found from our midst, but yesterday’s wash resulted in a clean smelling, beautifully coloured set of clean clothes for everyone.  Apologies must go to Louise’s Dad – your Army issue wash bag is now a brilliant fushia colour (“Sorry Dad!”).

This morning we were treated to a visit from a big pod of dolphins of the starboard side, jumping and twisting and generally showing off to all those out of bed early enough to catch a glimpse.

As we sit on watch this afternoon, you would hardly believe we are in the Southern Ocean. The sun is out, jumpers are off and skin is showing for the first time in days. Lots of square sails keep us moving well at the moment, however as the wind is supposed to pick up overnight we all enjoyed how gentle the rolling was last night, allowing everyone to sleep well.

The murders are continuing, with only the serial killers left.  Ali (first mate) struck again during happy hour, Sally took down a permanent crew member during the graveyard watch last night, and Ryan took down Tracey (Cook’s Ass) before spectacularly committing suicide at breakfast this morning.  The remaining murders are taking extra plotting and planning, and some of the dead have been enlisted as accomplices.  Stay tuned…

Signing off as we enjoy this Saturday afternoon of sailing in the Southern Ocean, Aft Starboard Watch (Frankie, Louise, Roy, Ted, Charlie, Frank, John, Jay, and Rosemary, who is currently confined below on mess duty).  Love to all at home.

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