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February 3, 2018

Day 24 in the big brother boat and there are murders galore happening above and below.

Whizz (third mate) took out two of our watch in a murderous spree worthy of Dr Crippen. Tony was taken out with a deadly sticking plaster and Paul fell victim to a lethal fender. Jane had to commit hare kiri with some chafing gear (no not talc) after catching bosun Stu a good one in the potato locker with a helmet. A set up that took days to pull off.

Pete (second engineer) took great delight in seeing off Chris H (grabbed by the foremast-ouch) but not before he had chance to deal with watch-mate Chris S in the lower mess. Kate was the earliest victim being killed off with a sick bag in the first fifteen minutes of the game. Sally is the last woman standing in the watch, so we suspect her murder location must be the Falkland Islands….

Onto other news, Chris R put on a well attended showing of The Ghosts of Cape Horn to scare us all into submission. The afternoon entertainment today is from the lovely Jane, who will tell us all about the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak. Peter has just come off helm after wrestling with the very calm waters. We have all the square sails up but still struggling to make a steady 7 knots with the iron topsail.

The moon has been treating us to a great show on night watches with an eclipse two nights ago and an amazing moon rise last night, which momentarily got confused with a cruise ship, causing high excitement on the bridge.

Albie the albatross is our constant companion and today has brought friend Alberta with him. There have been more sightings of a smaller, black seabird, possibly a dodo but more likely a sooty petrel.

Ahoy to all at home from the forward port watch – Sally, Paul, Jane, Chris H, Chris S Chris R, Tony, Peter and Kate.


At eight pm yesterday evening Captain Chris was able to announce that we had reached a point just under 3,000 miles to the Horn (about 1,800 miles completed).

Progress continues good with a day’s  run of 182  miles in 23 hours for an average of 7.9 kts. During the night the very fortunate 12-4 watch was able to hit a speed of 12 kts. Seas continue moderate with sizeable stern swells which are making “Tenacious” move sharply and unpredictably. We are shipping occasional light seas amidships. Maximum roll was of the order of 29 deg.

Extracurricular activities are in full swing with the “murder game” well under way leading to a number of sneaky attacks. Also a lottery has been opened up to guess the date and time the vessel will pass due south of Cape Horn light.

Love to all our families and friends from everyone in “Tenacious” and particularly from the Port Aft watch, of Maggie, Fran, Mike T, Mike N, Peter T, Peter H, Stretch, Phil and John H

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