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February 5, 2018

Current sea  temp 7C, outside temp 7C, steering 075. Sea is relatively calm. On starboard tack with a gentle lean.

Had some charming duck for tea last night, which was rather spectacular. Sometime while consuming dinner we passed the half way mark to the Falkland Islands. The smooth motion of the ship last night meant most people had a reasonably good sleep.

One whale was spotted last evening, frolicking off the starboard quarter. Prince Adam opened the barber shop this afternoon handing out a series of possibly stylish haircuts.

There is a concern about the levels of remaining ginger beer on board, rationing is a possibility, perhaps this watch could buy up all the remaining ginger beer and sell it back at a fair price, it’s all about supply and demand, and our watches welfare.

We have been experiencing varying winds, causing the royals to be set and furled on a fairly regular basis, keeping all hands busy.

Our watch did discuss a new watch leader system, where people could nominate for watch position of watch leader, and the crew would vote for the preferred watch leader, then those watch leaders could choose their watch, however, each day, everyone’s name would be put in a hat, the person drawn out would have a get out of their current watch free card.

Just for the record, ‘A team’ on our watch is currently the better team, and is sensational.

Poor Teddy boy, (bear) was an ocean trail blazer by having all his head of hair removed the other day, causing great concern amongst the albatross community as their nesting ground has been depleted.  Ted now looks a rocking punk fella.

Forward Starboard. xxx

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