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February 7, 2018

#To the tune of the Hokey Pokey#

We put the Royals up,

We take the Royals down,

We put the Royals up and shake the sails out,

Do the bracey bracey,

Do the bracey bracey, and Wes turns around,

That’s what it’s all about!


Hello to the avid readers of our little blog, wherever you may be in the world! Above is a little insight into how Aft Starboard is keeping themselves entertained in the Southern Ocean.  This afternoon we are again heading in the right direction, as the call of ‘All hands to bracing stations to wear the ship’ has been on repeat over the last day and a half.  Happily for us, the weather report is allowing us to be sailing south east this afternoon.

Roy and Jay have been carrying the good name of our watch in the galley in the last couple of days, Ted has taken some photos with his selfie stick from the top of the foremast, Frank and John continue to keep lookout and helm with alacrity and Charlie is completing his wobble-board exercises every time the ship rolls. Rosemary feels confident having learnt the correct technique to haul on a line, Louise has been seconded as a bosun’s mate’s assistant, and our esteemed leader Frankie is trying to keep us all sane and maintain some semblance of order amongst us.  Life remains hilarious and slightly crazy in the Aft Starboard watch as we send our love to those at home.

P.S.  Chris, Adam, Eli and Katie (BMs) send their love to those at home as well.

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