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February 8, 2018

30 days in. Having steadied on our point of attack to the Horn to dodge the circling storms we’ve had a steady 24 hours of decent sailing with favourable winds and progress in the right direction.

So it’s just been a routine day with the usual sail tweaking and we’ve just broken out the t’gallants. Smoko and Happy Hour this morning and a nice pasta lunch. Our albatross has re-appeared to keep us company and some Hourglass Dolphin were spotted last evening.

All was pretty quiet this afternoon as the reliable Aft Port team keep us ticking off the miles. No sightings of Captain Chris pacing the deck today so assume all is proceeding to plan.

So that’s all for today to our landlubber families and friends in the other world.

From Aft Port – Phil, 2 Mikes, 2 Petes, Stretch, Maggie, John & Fran

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