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February 9, 2018

All is relatively quiet below deck, while on the bridge our watch peers into the encroaching fog, just in case anything, anything at all, might appear. The ocean is ever changing and gazing out to sea is never boring.

Beautiful albatrosses swoop and skim the waves to our delight. Last night one even, obligingly, positioned itself in front of the sunset on cue: await the photographic evidence in due course (the whale may have been photo-shopped).

Above our heads the bosun’s mates and “volunteers” enjoy the rollercoaster ride out on the yards, while they replace the upper topsail which has been taken down for repairs.

On we sail, steadily, towards our destination, as always thinking of those at home and sending our love.

Forward Starboard Watch: Laurie, Tink, Ruth, Catherine, Chris, Jeff, Ryan, Eamonn, Tim and John.

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