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February 16, 2018

Following another exciting night’s sailing, with waves pounding us from all sides (just like the movies!), today we have calmer seas and wind with all square sails set again. Yesterday there was a partial eclipse of the sun witnessed by those who were awake. Entertainment continues below with both people and galley utensils being unexpectedly propelled in multiple directions.

Last night Fran slid off the deck box feet first and ended up hanging inches from the deck by her waist harness, just as the angle of the ship made the bell ring yet again and Maggie topped 13.1 knots on the helm. Much hilarity ensued. Against all these odds, Cookie continues to provide very welcome hot food…last night a delicious Thai Green Curry followed by fruit crumble and cream, and lunch today was homemade bread rolls and chips. We are currently sailing east at 55.50 south, 81.42 west and just 450 miles to go to Cape Horn.  The excitement is mounting.

Aft Port Mike T, Maggie, Fran, Peter T, Pete, Stretch John, Phil and Mike H

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