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February 4, 2018

Today is Sunday Feb 4. After a Service conducted by Mike N where hymns were sung, scriptures read and prayers of thanksgiving were lifted up, we lurched into the ‘Furious Fifties’ at lunchtime in about Longitude 130deg West, with Mike N at the helm.

Winds are WxS force 7 and have propelled us to a good day’s run of 184 miles at an average of 7.6kts. We are sailing with upper and lower topsails plus courses on Fore and Main together with the Mizzen staysail and inner and outer jibs, which is giving us steady speeds in the area of 7kts. The ship is moving easily and decks are dry though the two foot high door stops are mounted on the outside doors as a precaution. Alby is still with us, much to Fran’s delight as that is her nickname.

Today also marks the latest edition of the Tenacious Times, put together by our brilliant editor Mike T.

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Brought to you by the Port Aft watch in the charge of Maggie while Mike T is on mess duty, Fran, Mike N, Peter T, Peter H, Stretch, Phil and John H

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