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March 21, 2018

We are sailing! We are sailing!! More than 24 hours now under sail – Fore Course, lower and upper Topsails and Main lower and upper topsails.

Winds gusting 33 knots, but as from behind we are going at 9 knots – so more like 42knots!!

Noon to noon travelled 203 nm – but the record is 217 which we are aiming for now. We are also rocking and rolling with a few incidents of flying food, such as hot chocolate powder, yoghurts and mushrooms – not all at once!

The temperatures of the air and sea are rising and we’re out of the Antarctic Conversion Zone. We still have birds but I think the Albatrosses have left us now. Sun is shining and donning dry wet weather gear for this watch. A big improvement on yesterdays dampness.

Love to all who are following us at home – still a long way to Cape Town and plenty of sailing to enjoy.

F’ward Port – Kate, Ryan, Jo, Jess, Carter, Anna , Laurie and Ruth

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