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March 10, 2018

The day began approximately 40 miles North of Tenerife heading South West. The descelleration of the polar vortex has left us with rather a bouncy ocean, but still a majestic sight.

This is our second day out at sea but today with no land in sight. A new sensation for me. A highlight today was a very informative talk on Whales, what we should expect to see and some clues on identifying them. I am very keen to see a large baleen whale show off with some breaching. Possibly offering us a nice little splash and a wave.

We’ve enjoyed hearing some stories of exciting sightings on previous trips so I’m ever hopeful that we also will be party to view the treasures of the mighty ocean. Our watch started at 12.30pm today. The daytime watch was very enjoyable. About an hour or so in we saw a little turtle with a proportionately large head, likely a loggerhead turtle. These turtles, once hatched, appear to potter about the seas alone for 25 years before heading back to their place of birth to reproduce. It seems rather a large expanse for such a little creature to be exploring alone.

Next came some Portuguese Men of War. When you see them from above they look like a plastic bag with a flash of fuchsia on the top. Not actually a true jellyfish but a colony of organisms that work
together as one and cannot survive alone. I won’t be jumping in for a swim with them…

A few minutes later we are surprised by a medium sized fish that had been caught on one of the rods set up by our engineer, Marco. Once alerted he quickly set to work reeling in the fish, identified by Ruth (our marine life expert) as a Bluefin tuna. Unfortunately not large enough to feed us all so fingers crossed we catch some more. Fresh fish at sea really is the ideal!!

The afternoon passed in a luxuriously lazy manner. What will we see today? Keep tuned for more stores of the Lord Nelson at sea.

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