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March 11, 2018

As it’s Mothering Sunday, we all thought of our mothers and hoped that our children were thinking of us mums too. The Captain kindly gave us a lazy day, being a Sunday.

We had swells of 8 metres which provided the ship with a smooth ride, giving us time to enjoy the sun on deck. It was also a day to celebrate the birthday for Ash, 28 years young, with cake provided by the lovely cook Simon.

On the wildlife front, Atlantic Spotted Dolphins have been seen off the port side. Portuguese Men of War have been seen regularly throughout the day. After we’d all had enough of relaxing, a fire and evacuation drill was carried out exceptionally by a new crew.

The night watches were dazzled by a crystal clear sky and stars abright, accompanied by Venus and Mercury to begin with. Orion was gracing us in full glory, alongside many other constellations like the Big Dipper. What an amazing sky, no light pollution, cheers to the Atlantic Ocean.

The only thing that’s left to say is a very happy Mother’s Day to all of our mums back home.

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