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March 12, 2018

Another glorious sunny morning on board. After a hearty breakfast we were all set for the days tasks. Once Permanent crew and Watch Leaders were briefed, we had happy hour but not as we know it back home; this one involves cleaning our beloved ship for all to enjoy.

Rachel and Mags climbed to the top of the main mast just for fun, whilst Captain Richard gave us an fascinating weather talk.

Wildlife update: a Cuvier’s Beaked Whale was spotted on the starboard side, which as we’ve learned from our crewmates from ORCA can hold its breath for more than 2 hours and 4o minutes! More Atlantic Spotted Dolphins have been checking us out on the starboard side. They’re incredibly playful, a ‘cameras out’ moment!

Due to the clocks on ship going back our watch gained an extra hour on the bridge. Laura held her first fitness class, Ash was the first member but hopefully more on her next class.

By Forward Starboard Watch

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