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March 13, 2018

We’re still heading towards the Azores, 620 nm travelled so far. The weather has been great; good sunbathing opportunities and the wind is picking up.

The day started with Lauras fitness class on the back of the bridge, a good work out ahead of tomorrow’s yoga class. After the morning meeting, the Mate Trev gave us a very formative talk on how to set the sails, which we will be doing at 16:00.

After Smoko (where Simon’s flapjack disappeared very quickly) the JST shop was opened along with ORCAs offerings. Everyone looks the part now – like proper Lord Nelson crew! This afternoon we had a watch photo taken from the first platform of the main mast. The BMs have been up and down the Mizzen mast to prepare the Spanker and releasing the gaskets on the main and foremasts.

Last night during the ORCA adaptations and physiology talk given by Ruth, Ash spotted Pilot Whales – the first time she has seen the topic of her research project. Later the bar was buzzing with music and laughter with JDs Fiddling and Martins Concertina accompaniment.

Ash gave a talk on Cetacean species of the Northern Atlantic (for those who hadn’t been able to attend the first talk Ruth had given at the beginning of the trip). We have to finish now as the Captain has just called all hands to sail setting stations!

Aft Port Watch – Marion, Raili, Linda, Ruth, Julie, JD & John

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