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March 16, 2018

It is a ‘Dark & Stormy’ night on the Rhumb line. Lord Nelson is braced and ready for action, with fore and aft sails set on a dark and moonless night by the two on watches.

As midnight passes we finally turn for the elusive Azores – still some 260 nm to the North. Winds blow, Whales blow and Dolphins play, but Moby Dick remains elusive, seemingly following our progress from afar.

As a new day beckons, Happy Hour fills a vacuum as the sea settles and the sun returns as Captain Richard guides us on calm seas through complex weather systems. Fortified by Cooks ‘Double Whoppers’ the voyage crews energy is restored following an exciting night of sail setting, as we plunge through the mid atlantic swell.

The Mid Voyage review by our two enthusiastic ORCA reps includes sightings of Dolphins, Whales, Turtles and Sharks and we haven’t even reached the Azores yet. Captain Richard also helped unravel the mysteries of Astro-Navigation and as the sun sets on another day, the sound of Fiddle draws me to the bar for a well earned night cap.

What adventures will tomorrow bring?

Jon the Boat Swain
Forward Port Watch

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