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March 13, 2018

Today we entered the Antarctic Convergence Zone, this also means we are now on the same chart as South Georgia – our first destination on this voyage.  Sea birds are spotted in abundance, albatross, tern and petrel. You can still see Dolphins jumping out of the water and spinning, despite being in the coldest seas we’ve seen.

Life aboard is settling into routine – we’ve even got the hang of the laundry routine. We have travelled 537m from the Falkland Islands so only a couple of days until we make land. Trying to race the storm and the cruise ships so we can enjoy our time there.

Bridget, Megan, Tamsin,  qv  Chris, Liz, Shannon, Andy  and Nicola Forward Starboard Watch

We awoke this morning to the wonderous sight of a towering iceberg off our starboard quarter. We now have a second berg of the day off our port bow, which we are on course to pass within a mile of.

Temperatures have plummeted, resulting in competitive clothing layering. Jess is the current record holder with eight layers, but this record could be in jeopardy as we head further south. It must be cold because bosun Stu is wearing long trousers for the first time in more than 60 days!

We have a book running for our arrival in South Georgia, likely sometime tomorrow. However the forecast for strong nor’easterly winds this evening/overnight may delay our arrival alongside. We watched a BBC documentary on Britain’s whalehunters, a lot of which was filmed in South Georgia, giving us a bit of a history lesson. We had an orca sighting briefly and later a second sighting of 3 orcas. Then another group orcas swam closer and their backs came out of the water…amazing sight!

We still have many majestic gliding albatross keeping us company as we travel. Otherwise the last day or so has been pretty uneventful, which is no bad thing in the South Atlantic. Hello to all back home from Forward Port – Laurie, Ruth, Carter, Ryan, Jo, Anna, Kate and Jess

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