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March 25, 2018

Sunday 25th F’ward Port

Things are pretty steady as we are sailing making 5.2 knots on to Cape Town it’s quite peaceful without the engines and the motion of the ship under sail is lovely. We remain alone in the Ocean, the last time we saw any people was the staff that helped us cast off at Grytviken. No other vessels or islands for a week. We have been in thick fog for 48 hours which makes night watch very eerie and radar becomes so important. The permanent crew decided to close the watertight doors which causes much hilarity as trying to find the ‘up and over’ route to one’s bunk becomes like hide and seek!

Ryan gave us a talk on match racing in the Swan river all done by hearing sounds from the competing boat and the marks which was quite exceptional!

Happy hour was far too enjoyable as Daz suggested we shouldn’t be singing as we work!

Royal sail up on main mast (so 4 of the 5 sails on both masts). We are very amused that 2 of the permanent crew woke an hour early because of UK change to British summer time. It’s also definitely warmer and becoming quite pleasant on deck with less layers on.

For breakfast we all ordered eggs and bacon but mistakenly Lucy put in the order as eggs and beans, however we are making use of the beans by trying to add a few knots with fart-power, perhaps Lucy’s secret plan!

Love to all at home

F’ward Port which includes Kate (W/L) Carter (on mess) Anna (going onto mess) Jo (about to be 65), Ryan (official watch Joker, confirmed by tall Matt the cadet), Jess (cadet, who gave a great talk on lights on ships) Laurie and Ruth (neither got a single line of the song right, but do miss the kids!)

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