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March 26, 2018

No nice consistent westerly’s for us but everything from next to no wind yesterday to 30 knots from SSE during our watch this afternoon. For the first time this voyage we’ve been heeled to port. Fortunately for those of us sleeping on the starboard side the forecast is for brisk westerly’s in the next day or so. Yipee!

We’ve enjoyed some wonderful talks from our shipmates. One of the greatest pleasures on a long voyage like this is getting to know such a wonderfully diverse range of people. Everyone seems to have such a fascinating tale to tell. “Bahama” Dave has treated us to an account of his breath-taking climbing exploits around the globe; Linda to her equally daring race around the world aboard one of the Clipper yachts; Shannon to her pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain; Chris Roche to a session on sea shanties and traditional sailor ceremonies and Ryan to international match racing for the blind and partially sighted. And we have the delicious prospect of further talks to come.

Talking of delicious, last night Anna, who has worked as a cook (as well as paramedic, organiser of adventure tours through Africa and various other interesting occupations) gave Micha our wonderful cook a bit of a break by preparing a delicious dessert for last night’s dinner and today preparing a tasty lunch of Indian vegetarian curries. Yum.

It’s real pleasure and privilege to spend time with such an adventurous, interesting and talented group.

Love to all at home from aft starboard: W/L Chris H, Fran, Jennifer, Linda, Charlotte, Michael, Skip and John.

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