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March 28, 2018

Port Aft Watch – SV Tenacious 27.03.2018

Time 13.00      Latitude 42’01’ S     Longitude 05’48’ W     Sea temperature 12.5’

Nog  1247 mylen en ons in Suid Afrika

You may have been wondering what had happened to this Watch – well…there are 9 of us making us the largest on board and therefore the noisiest by sheer dint of numbers.  Ja lakker!

As we approach SA, Afrikaans lessons have started in earnest.  The 2nd Mate has been more than patient as we grapple with throaty g’s and rolling r’s whilst attempting to remain on our current course of 070’ – with only 15 knots of wind we should be able to manage but when the Captain appears we realise that we have been found wanting!

Just before Smoko news reached the lower decks that Anto had unblocked the scuppers and Little Matt had finally brought the ship’s bell back to life.  The Bosuns are delighted to report that work on the ratlines is proceeding apace and we will soon have access to the dizzy heights of the Upper Top Yard and Seilskip (Sailing Ship) Tenacious will be looking her best for our arrival in SA.

As to our progress across the Southern Ocean, we can report that we are now 200 miles south of Gough Island explaining why we have been blessed with a flurry of notable sea birds including the majestic Royal Albatross and the more skittish spectacled petrel. As mentioned above in Afrikaans, we are now just 1247 miles away from Cape Town.


Wednesday 28th March 2018, 14.00

We are currently motoring along on a course of seventy degrees, at a speed of 8.4 knots. The sun is trying to make an appearance and we have reduced our layers of clothing. The sea is very calm and we are in the company of Wandering Albertross and White Chin Petrels.

This morning, the voyage crew were taught five basic knots by the Boson. Additionally, Anto gave us an insight into his Transantacrtic Expedition in 1979-82.

Despite motoring, the hot tea rounds continue in between sail handling.

Fair winds from forward starboard (temp WL) Liz, Megan, Tamsin, Andy, Bridget, Shannon, Nicola and Maikel (OOW)

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