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April 1, 2018

Woken up at 6am with a call to report at 6:30. On mess duty from dinner last night until lunch, so headed straight to the galley. Rest of the crew went to deck to set sail. Worked on setting upper and lower mess tables, and then went on deck to join crew for setting sail off the berth from Ponta Delgada. Helped a bit before being called back to galley. We sailed out of a relatively calm harbour. Captain later remarked that “few can say they’ve sailed a tall ship out of harbour” (without ever using motor).

Worked all morning until 2pm on mess duty. First mess shift under duress (sailing on open seas). Food prep after…..quite the challenge. Always have one hand on or near support. Feeling it in the legs. Glad I am good with a chef’s knife.

For breakfast we had ordered soft boiled egg (terrible to deal with shells when cleaning), sausage link, baked beans, tiny candy eggs (2) on account of Easter. Permanent crew got little furry rabbits on their egg dishes. Lunch was cheesy pasta and salad and lastly dinner was turkey, veggies, baked potato, cheesecake (I had two, don’t tell anyone).

Found a nice perch between cabin and helm. It was a lovely place to read with the view of the incredible sea where I had read until 3:30pm then had watch duty at 4pm.

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