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April 3, 2018

Bentley’s Blog

Mess Day

When it came to my turn in the mess

What I was in for could never guess

Nellie was moving about a great deal

Could not blame those at the Wheel

Hung on for my dear life

Dodging the odd flying knife

Alas the coffee and tea pots were no more

Smashed to pieces on the floor

A new recipe was in the making

Chicken Casserole and Veg stew were overtaking

In their efforts to jump from pot to pot

On the floor was lost half the lot

When cook saw what lay before

Verbals  best repeated behind closed door

The melee of broken crockery and food

Cooks bravely cleaned up pretty good

Now serving food not to deposit on someone’s lap

Carefully avoiding becoming an unpopular chap

Later I eventually found

Last man standing around!



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