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April 8, 2018

Watch leader: Dave Mercer

Watch: Tim, John, Ian, Tina, Karen, Margaret, Whitney

Steering 050° to 090°; total miles in light NW wind only 55 nm

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny afternoon with some crew wearing shorts and sitting on deck, others being industrious sanding and oiling the deck rails.

Colin, our wonderful cook’s assistant, had a long overdue afternoon holiday. Amy and Liz gave a demonstration of knot tying with Colin’s participation, while our volunteers tried themselves. Alan opened our JST shop and many of us bought sweaters and t-shirts.

Fred, Dave and Marko have still not caught any fish off the stern.

Martin’s watch lasted 59 minutes as the clocks went forward one hour, meanwhile, our watch started  one hour and one minute early! Not that we’re complaining, there was much ribbing going on and we watched a magnificent sunset and spectacular night sky with planets, stars and the International Space Station.

Next morning, we were all on time for breakfast after yesterday’s chastisement. Sunday was declared a free day for the BMs and no happy hour cleaning for the voyage crew, but people could climb the mast. We had a Sunday service led by Captain Richard, followed by a meteorological talk on the North Atlantic weather. Simon the cook took the afternoon off after preparing a lovely Sunday lunch of lamb, mint sauce, roast potatoes, and steamed vegetables, followed by chocolate ice-cream and our afternoon watch. The winds were light, but due to “fill in” later in the day, and we observed a Pilot Whale swimming astern. Naturalist Tim was faced with the challenging decision to confirm a bird sighting was indeed an Iceland Gull, rather than a Glaucous Gull, by “its kinder facial expression”. And of course, still no fish… but at least our remaining sails remain intact and carry us onward.

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